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Bockstensturen 2013


Christoph Junge


MTB Marathon




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The annual trip to Varberg (Sweden) to participate in the Bockstensturen is a nice tradition and kind of mandatory to celebrate the end of the race season in friendly surroundings. The Bockstensturen - which is a part of the Swedish Langloppscupen (a MTB marathon race series) - has 3 different levels: 25km, 50km and 100km.

The start & finish area is located next to the shore which is very charming. This allows for a quick bath after the race which is highly recommended, even though it can be a bit cold as the Bockstensturen is held in the end of August or beginning of September :-)

The course has some long parts of asphalt & gravel roads which makes quite a high average speed possible. Especially in the beginning (on the first 15km) it is wise to give all you have to reach the forest and the first single tracks before the masses. Also this year we had a strong wind blowing from the sea side which means tailwind in the beginning and head wind on the last 15km - ouch!

In the beginning the weather was fine but about an hour or so into the race it started raining heavily turning the forest into finest mud. Even though the track has quite a portion of asphalt and gravel roads, it even has some really nice single tracks which became even more challenging because of the rain.

After app. 75km the real torture started: leaving the forest, crossing a muddy acre and fighting against the head winds on the way back to Varberg. But at least the rain had stopped :-)

After reaching the finish area and eating some nice pasta there was one thing left: the compulsory swim in the sea!

Many thanks to all the friendly people - both organizers and spectators - who make this race so special.

See you again next year!


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